Narwhalandia is a federation with a two-house system. The five provinces have their own two-house systems for choosing laws, as does the national government. Citizens at the age of 13 are allowed to vote for representatives and their executive branch member (called the Big Fish [currently Moana Nalu]). Big Fish elections are held every 5 years. The national government’s two houses are the Monodon (50 members [10 from each province] holding 2 year terms) and the Monoceros (10 members [chosen nationally] who hold their positions for 5 year terms). The members are chosen at scattered times so there are new and veteran members.  The major political parties are the Narwhalians and the Sea Unicorns. Smaller political parties also exist. The Judicial branch’s highest court, the  Magna Iuxta, has its members chosen by the Big Fish and the Monoceros branch.