How Narwhalandia’s Government Affects its Citizens

Narwhalandia’s government and its citizens get along very well. It’s government systems: a two-house authority and federation allow the power to rest in both the local people and governments. This makes both of them feel as if they have a fair say in things and keeps them balanced. The national government controls national matters, such as currency. wars, and trade; while the local governments control things such as licenses, health, and can have power over most things as long as they don’t go against the national government. Both of these governments have the ability to set up courts, collect taxes, and make laws. Also, the two-house legislature makes sure that the laws chosen are good. The citizens are allowed to submit ideas for laws that they want, and the representatives they choose decide whether these ideas should be made into laws or not, giving power to the citizens.

The people of Narwhalandia have the rights to have free speech, religion, and press. The right to bear arms is allowed in three of the five provinces: Unicornia, Cetacea, and Bubbleland. Coralia and Kohola do not have the absolute right to bear arms because they barely have any threats, but in some areas, citizens are allowed this right. The right to vote over the age of thirteen and  the right to be treated fairly are all also rights that are seen in Narwhalandia. There are many other rights, all of which are written in the Independent Narwhal.