Narwhalandia's Currency

Narwhalandia’s Currency

Narwhalandia uses socialism for its economy. The government’s regulations keep the people at a balance of nearly no unemployed, homeless, or incredibly wealthy people. However, the market and law of supply and demand are also extremely important for them. Many businesses are in their own economic control when it comes to selling goods. The strength of this nation comes from the ability to sell what is wanted but at the same time for most people to have equal living rights. The decisions of the people: where they live, what they live in, what they eat, etc., are not regulated by the government, only the minimum and maximum amounts of money that citizens may have, to ensure that everyone in Narwhalandia lives a fairly good life and they aren’t in meager conditions. This state also allows its people to have more freedom in the jobs they like and are good at, another item regulated mainly by the government and not the businesses. Basically, the government controls the needed items: shelter, jobs, food… and the businesses the rest. The currency of Narwhalandia is the Narwhalandian Meep. Citizens take a test when finishing grade school to determine a job that they will enjoy, be good at, and will help the country.

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