How Narwhalandia’s Economy Affects its Citizens

Narwhalandia’s economy provides citizens with the freedom in marketing and sales that they want, but at the same time restricting them so that they have what they need. The balance between market and command economy is in the middle. The people control most of the products that are sold with the system of supply and demand, and have the independence to make a business freely. This allows people to purchase the goods that they want and not be restricted to a certain amount of, say, bacon pieces, per day. Also, because businesses strive to please, new inventions and better products will be produced in greater quantities, not only providing the citizens with what they want, but also improving the country’s image. However, the reason the government controls part of the economy is because Narwhalandia wants its people to live wanted, good, and healthy lives. So the government allows the independent businesses to sell their own goods, as long as they are convey good messages. For example, snow globes and chocolate mustaches are allowed to be sold, but drugs and anything advertising eating narwhals (such as narwhal gummies) are not. This lets the people have the “demanded” products, but keeps the environment safe. Also, Narwhalandia doesn’t want homeless and unemployed people, or citizens who take part-time jobs because there weren’t any openings for their dream jobs that they’re excellent at. So when the people graduate from their standard elementary school, they take a test finding jobs they’ll be talented at and enjoy, giving them something that will produce something wanted by the worker and others. Jobs that aren’t wanted are given to the people of Insula who immigrate to Narwhalandia. They are given the money that the employer decides on, not the government, but the government does make sure that they earn enough to support themselves and their family. Also, they have a maximum money limit so that their currency (the Narwhalandian Meep)’s value stays high. All of this gives the citizens of Narwhalandia the products they want and their necessities.