Narwhalandians are allowed to worship whoever they please, and follow any religion, but the main one people choose is  Narwhalism. Narwhalism is a religion that follows the Heavenly Narwhal as its leader. Every year, on New Year’s Day, a group of five chosen religious leaders called the Worshippers of the Great Horn travel to the island closest to Antarctica by boat. When they arrive, they will await the narwhals. Around six days later, they will hear the first call, and approximately 32 days after that, the first narwhal will be spotted. At this point, the Worshippers of the Great Horn will do a religious ceremony claiming this narwhal as the Heavenly one and sail back with one oil painting of it, showing its greatness. On the day of the Worshippers of the Great Horn’s arrival, a great feast is held, in celebration of the new chosen narwhal. But the day after is a day of fasting, where people feel absolute sorrow for those narwhals that have died. This fast is also for the previous year’s Heavenly Narwhal, which sacrifices itself for the country of Insula as a peace-offering to stop their war. This offering happens at exactly 12:36:44. The whole holiday is called Leader Day, because the religion’s new leader is chosen. The time of Leader Day when the Worshippers of the Great Horn leave is called Departure. The time during which the Worshippers await the first narwhal call and spotting is called the Waiting Days. The day of the sight is First Seen Day, and the day that the worshippers arrive  back is Arrival. Lastly, when the previous Heavenly Narwhal sacrifices itself for its people, it is called Sacrificial Day. Some other holidays in Narwhalism include The Day of the Chosen: when the next Worshippers of the Great Horn are chosen, Narwhal Day: which is on the 11th of every month and the 23 of May, and Migration Day, which celebrates the narwhals coming north, because Narwhalistic tales say that the narwhals used to be more southern oriented, until Insula ate them. Of course, this also brings up the festival of war, which honors the soldiers whoo joined the war between Narwhalandia and Insula. Narwhalandians are also known to frequently celebrate days such as Tau Day and International Talk Like a Pirate Day.