Narwhalandians dress casually, with men wearing khakis, jeans, and a variety of shirts. Women tend to wear Leggings and skirts or jeans, and skirts and dresses are for more formal areas, such as workplaces or dining out for dinner. Narwhalandians tend to care more for comfort and expression than appearance, and they don’t judge each other’s clothing preferences. Some gestures originating from this country include the gesture of saying “May you be well” which is putting the index horn to the head as if a unicorn/narwhal horn and hugging the other person’s horn with it, making a finger knot. This means this because the narwhal is a holy and spiritually good character to Narwhalandians. Another gesture is the fluttering of the tongue while making a noise. This is like an announcement saying “I am here!” or “Attention!” even a simple “Yo!”. This is because the sound is a casual sound showing happiness and joy, but at the same time call attention to oneself.