Narwhalandians eat a large variety of food, from hamburger to tacos. This is because the people are from many different origins, and so they all eat different foods. All of these foods have been changed slightly to make a new style of food: Narwhalandian food. Some of the citizens favorites are Dumplings (from Chinese origin), Latkes (Jewish origin [specifically from Ashkenazic Jews] or Polish origin, really any country that eats potato pancakes), and Crepes (French origin). Pasta is also a commonly seen dish. The only food that is illegal is the narwhal (and all narwhal related food products), but foods such as fish are strongly discouraged, as they could lead to the heinous idea of eating narwhals. Narwhalandia doesn’t really have any particular delicacies, being such a melting pot of cultures and all. There aren’t many foods that are native to just Narwhalandia, except for the fact that all of the other foods have been Narwhalandianized and aren’t what the other countries truly eat.