The climate of Narwhalandia differs greatly due to its large size. Southern Unicornia and Coralia ar both generally warmer places. This allows people to do fun activities with water almost year round, and gives warmth to those who like it. Cetacea is near Canada, and has a colder climate, changing in the four seasons. Kohola and Bubbleland have fewer people because of the colder climate, but they also are near where the narwhals come. Fo all of the provinces, the average temperature in the month of July is 80 degrees, and the precipitation average per year is 50 inches.

The warmer climates allow the citizens to have fun and play under the warm sun. playing with water parks and other places to make it as awesome as possible. This is why most people live on the main island. However, some people prefer to live in colder areas and watch the narwhals; so people live there too. The cold conditions of northern Narwhalandia require more resources and more money, but most of the citizens who are there are for the narwhals, so they don’t mind.Some certain areas of Narwhalandia also have tropical storms hitting them. Narwhalandia always has its best architects trying to come up with sturdier houses in these areas.