There are many ways to get around in Narwhalandia. The waterways connect the five provinces so there are more ways to reach them aside from just car. People come into the country from various places, for various reasons. Some are looking for more freedom and agreement with the government. Some wish to worship the narwhal and help endangered creatures. Some come because Narwhalandia captures them in wars (they are the garbage men [and other unwanted jobs]). Whatever the reason, they come, and their culture is mixed with the rest of the people to add to Narwhalandia’s colossal variety of ideas and origins. The car is the main way of transportation, serving as a way to access close places such as a school or workplace. The boat is also a main way of moving, because the waters around the islands require it. Goods from other areas and travelers come from planes. Narwhalandians also enjoy to walk, bike, and horseback ride. However, some people don’t like living in Narwhalandia, and want to leave. Narwhalandia lets almost anyone leave, as long as they have all the identifications and other materials needed. However, Narwhalandia is a fairly large country, so people who don’t like the climate can move north or south. This large size does, however, make it hard for people all around to have the same ideas, and they don’t. Most of the provinces have their own thoughts about issues, and the more major ideas are seen throughout.