Map of Narwhalandia


Narwhalandia is located in a deciduous biome, having four seasons where the trees change. The terrain is flat in some areas, but there are some mountains, the main range is the Mountain Mt. range. The main cities in Narwhalandia are Candyerpia and the capital, Sarvivalaan, which is located at approximately 50.289339° N and 48.515625° W.There are also five provinces: Kohola, Bubbleland, Unicornia, Coralia, and Cetacea. Kohola is located in the north, where narwhals can be seen. Sarvivalaan (the capital) is located in Bubbleland. Cetacea and Unicornia are the biggest two provinces. Coralia is the southernmost province, where people can bask in the sun.

Please Note: The scanner didn’t work well with the colors, so if you want to see the map on paper I can give it to you