Daily Life in Narwhalandia

Child (age 7): A child at the age of seven would wake up and go on the bus or have their parents drive them to school. They would then go through their school day and go home or stay for an after school program. What they do has to do greatly with what their parents do.


Adult Woman (Age 30): At wakeup, a Narwhalistic Narwhalandian woman would arise and cook meal for the family. Then she would call them down and they would pray to the Holy Narwhal for a good day. Then they would eat there meal and she would clean and prepare the kids for school. After this, she would go to her job. When her job is done, she would go home and make her kids snack. Then she would have some relaxing time while the children did homework before making dinner.


Adult Male (Age 30): Men have similar lives to women, except males dominate their family at night, while females do in the morning. This means that the father would lead their family in praise of the Holy Narwhal and help his wife make dinner.


Jobs: After graduating school, children take a test to find a suitable career that will help people and interest them. Some of these jobs include architects, teachers, and artists.