Canada and Narwhalandia

Canada is similar to Narwhalandia in many ways. The main way is that they have a federation and representative democracy. However, Canada has a parliament, while Narwhalandia uses a two-house system. Also, Canada has a market economy while Narwhalandia has a mixed one, but they are both strong economies. The way jobs work is also different because of the economies. Canadians also speak English (as well as French, which Narwhalandians don’t), and also has a mix of cultures. People come to Canada from a variety of different countries, and i is therefore a mix. Table manners in Canada are also very alike, with rules like no elbow on the table. One of the main things with appearance that is similar is the appearance of them. Canadian women are unlikely to wear jewelry or makeup, wich is much like Narwhalandians. The climate of Canada is also much like that of Narwhalandia, considering that they are neighboring states. One of the main differences is, of course, religion. While about 70% of Canada is made up of Christians, about 97% of Narwhalandia is made up of Narwhalists, assuming that there aren’t many religious crossovers. Also, Canadians use up resources more quickly than Narwhalandians. These are some of the many similarities and differences between Canada and Narwhalandia.

Please note: The United States is most similar but I’m not allowed to write about that.


Map of Narwhalandia


Narwhalandia is located in a deciduous biome, having four seasons where the trees change. The terrain is flat in some areas, but there are some mountains, the main range is the Mountain Mt. range. The main cities in Narwhalandia are Candyerpia and the capital, Sarvivalaan, which is located at approximately 50.289339° N and 48.515625° W.There are also five provinces: Kohola, Bubbleland, Unicornia, Coralia, and Cetacea. Kohola is located in the north, where narwhals can be seen. Sarvivalaan (the capital) is located in Bubbleland. Cetacea and Unicornia are the biggest two provinces. Coralia is the southernmost province, where people can bask in the sun.

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Narwhalandia’s flag has many representations. The single circle in the country is told to either represent the holy narwhal (to those who are Narwhalists) or the fact that Narwhalandia is a sovereign nation and exists by itself. The two colors (yellow and green) represent the vibrancy seen around. The line through the middle represents the strong belief that imperfection is better than perfection; and the two corner triangles show how there can always be improvements and advancements. The five circles of equality represent the five provinces in the nation: Unicornia, Coralia, Cetacea, Kohola, and Bubbleland.